Publish and be Damned

I’d like to think that the three hours I spent lying awake last night were nerves before my exposure to the world as a ‘Secret Academic in the Guardian, but that was as nothing to turning over the paper’s pages this morning. I was pleased with the image and had only one small niggle at an edit, but was delighted to see it promoted on Twitter and favourited by 7 people before 9.30am! The power of social media. I take back everything I ever said about people tweeting about their breakfasts!

I’m sure there will be a bit of trolling, but it’s nice to read the good comments. Online commentators are forensic in their analysis and nobody agrees with everything said, so it feels quite brave to open myself up in this way. So I have published, in print to become tomorrow’s fish and chip paper and online, to be saved for posterity – but perhaps forever damned?

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