Publications, Reviews and Seminars

Reviews (see menu for full text).

M. Ostling, Between the Devil and the Host: imagining witchcraft in Early Modern Poland, Oxford, 2011 in Common Knowledge, Duke Journals and in Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft.

M. Pilaszek, Procesy o czary w Polsce w Wiekach XV-XVIII, Cracow, 2008 in the Slavonic and East European Review.

J. Goodare (ed.), The Scottish Witch-Hunt in Context, 2002

U.Valk, The Black Gentleman: Manifestations of the Devil in Estonian Folk Religion, 2001.

Articles and Publications

Seminars and Lectures

  • Representations of the Witch in Early Modern Poland. From Maleficia to Lysa Gora, University of Oxford, April 2014
  • The Representation of the Witch in Early Modern Polish Literature, BASEES Annual Conference, April 2002
  • Poland on the Periphery? – A Survey of the Polish Witchcraft Persecution 1511-1776, Third York Cultural History Conference, April 2002
  • Neither Widows, Midwives, nor Women – Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland, Hertford College SCR-MCR Academic Soirée, February, 2002
  • A State Without Stakes? The Witchcraft Persecution in the Polish Lands 1511-1776, Institute for Historical Research, London, October 2001
  • The Discourse of Power in Polish Witchcraft Accusations, Polish Seminar, Oxford, April 2001
  • Nobles, Germans, and familiars: the peculiarities of Polish Demonology, Forum on Early Modern Central Europe, Warburg Institute, November 2000
  • The Witches of Grodzisk, Early Modern Europe Seminar, University of Oxford, November 1999
  • Symbolism in Kochanowski’s Treny, Polish A Level Studies Day, University of London, April 1998
  • Revolution in Wyspiański’s Wesele, Polish A Level Studies Day, University of London, April 1998
  • The Witch in Early Modern Poland – Polish Seminar, Oxford, Trinity Term 1998

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