To email or not to email?

That was the question bedevilling (did you see what I did there?) me all last week, until I finally got up the courage to email my publisher to ask for a progress update. A scary thought, because I could take the approach that no news is good news, but three months makes me doubt my oeuvre. Although in all fairness publishers and academics are probably in libraries or houses in Provence or Campania over August and September, I still feel rather uneasy. To spike my unease, I reassure myself that my reviews of other people’s books on witchcraft will be published – something tangible. I have reviewed the rather excellent Malgorzata Pilaszek’s work Procesy o czary w Polsce w wiekach XV – XVIII, [Witchcraft Trials in Poland in the 15-18th Centuries] in the Slavonic and East European Review (SEER)  and a review of Michael Ostling’s book Between the Devil and the Host: Imagining Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland is forthcoming in the wonderfully titled journal Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft.

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