Novel approach

As I am useless at waiting and keen to move on to my real love – writing without footnotes (a good alternative name for this blog possibly!), I have decided to press on with the trilogy. Dodging the gym on the pretext of the bad end of a very bad cold, I have managed to plot the first novel of the witchcraft trilogy. Not being into mind maps, I had to trawl through numerous electronic and paper attempts, containing snatches of plot, character outlines and rough ideas and writing – but feel at least there is a basic direction. Naming a character after someone you know helps to have a feel for the person behind the device, but may alter the plot in terms of not wanting them to end up at the stake! Characterisation considerations number one, I think there may be more to come. But blogging definitely helps, as you can count it towards the word count, which is currently standing at Trilogy 6,000 words – not far to go until I can send it to my secret agent. I shall set myself a public challenge of submitting a synopsis and 10,000 words before Christmas – as a present to myself. After all, I have to buy a very large and powerful motorbike before someone turns 50….

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