Weekly Witch – Jadwiga’s interrogation questions, Poznań, 1681

Sometimes in trials we find the list of questions asked by the judges. In 1681, before the municipal court in Poznań, a certain Jadwiga was asked the following questions during her interrogation  by the prosecutor about the crimes of sacrilege and magic.

  1. Why, being able to before Easter communion, did she go to confession only on Easter Sunday and even then she went after Mass had been celebrated in church?
  2. Why did she remove the Host from her mouth and put it in her pocket and what did she use it for?
  3. Why for a few years did she pray outside the Franciscan church in the evening when it was closed?


  1. Why did she give the Devil to Anna who works for Pani Toczkowa?
  2. Why do respectable people accuse her of being a witch?

7. If ever the possessed chased and beat her and who protected her and what did those evil spirits say to her?

APP AM Poznań 1/645 fo. 127v.

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